The adventure:

During the trip Cartagena-Panama or Panama-Cartagena you will sail during 30 hours to cross 400 km of open water. You will then enjoy 3 days in San Blas to taste the caribbean paradise. And finally join your destination. It´s the most spectacular way to cross between Central America and Colombia.

Panama to Cartagena:

The Trip starts in Puerto Lindo, Panama. The day of departure you will meet the other Passangers and the Captain at 5 pm at Casa X (a restaurant in Puerto Lindo). You have two options to get there, we can organize you a private shuttle service that picks you up at your Hostel around 2 pm for 25$ per person (around 2 hours). Or you take the public transport (around 7$), this takes more time. Please make sure you arrive in time. Public transport is a good option if you plan to spend one night before the trip in puerto lindo to discover the little beachtown and the small islands around.

At this first meeting the captain is going to answer all your questions, everybody introduces itself and the Captain is going to collect all the Passports and Payments for the Trip.

You have some time to have Dinner on Land (Dinner is not included the first night) and at 8 pm a local the watertaxi will bring you to board EL GITANO DEL MAR.
Now its time to get to know the boat, relax, have some drinks and snacks.
The Captain will give you a safety briefing and an introduction to life on board.
This first night we set sails and depart to San Blas (40 NM). Around 7 hours will it take us to reach the first Islands of the Archipel. You will get your first impression of sailing el gitano del mar and wake up in paradise :-)

Cartagena to Panama:

The adventure starts in Cartagena, Colombia. You will meet the other paseangers, captain and crew one day before departure at the Hostel Mamallena (located in calle media luna, Getsemani). At the meeting the captain collects the passports (he does all the immigration for you and will give it back to you in panama) and gives you all the information you need and you can ask all your questions so everyone can step on the boat well prepared.

The day of departure in Cartagena you will be greeted by your captain at the marina Club Nautico in Manga at 8 pm for boarding the boat.

After a brief introduction to the boat and to your new friends we lift the anchor up. The real Adventure begins. We set sail into the night to begin our 30 hour navigation to our tropical paradise destination, the San Blas Islands. You wake up the next day to the sound of the ocean. The peace and freedom at open sea, no land... water and the sky, thats it.

We should arrive in San Blas for sunrise the following day. Once we have arrived in San Blas we enjoy 3 nights and 3 days of island hopping.

The last night we leave San Blas early in the morning. We set sail direction final destination Puerto Lindo (40 NM) what will takes us around 7 hours. We arrive after breakfast. Celebrating the arrival, sharing contacts, final speech and you are on your way to Panama City. From the port we organize the transport for you by private Shuttle to your address in Panama City (2 hours) 25$ per person. Or you have the option to take the public transport by yourself (7$).

San Blas:

San Blas is an archipelago, located in the Northwest of Panama facing the Caribbean Sea. There are 365 islands (only 49 inhabited) within the archipelago and they are scattered around in an area of about 100 square miles.
The Islands are owned and run by a Tribe of indigenous people known as the Kunas. The currency on the islands is US dollars but coconut and fish are still used to trade between the Kunas.
Make sure you bring a little extra cash as the local Kuna women offer some very unique handcrafts, and some of the islands have bars where you can enjoy a cold beer or cuba libre after a hard day of laying in a hammock on a Tropical Paradise island.

What to do in San Blas?

During the time in San Blas we do activities like snorkelling, fishing, paddleboarding, kayaking, volleyball, wakeboarding, fire twirling, bonfires and bbqs on the beach. If you want we can bring you to visit one of the Kuna villages or the Kuna museum. There are so many things to do, its your choice if you want to relax with a cuba libre in a hammock on the beach, play volleyball, go fishing with the kunas... Just enjoy :-)

The price and whats included

The 5-day adventure trip costs 550 US Dollar. Its a once in a lifetime experience just remember when you sign up for the trip you are signing up for an adventure. We organize everything for you so you can lay back and enjoy 5 days.

Extra cost

Private Shuttle to or from Panama City to Puerto Lindo costs 25$ and the entry to Guna Yala (San Blas) 20$. In total you will need an extra 45$ for taxes and transportation.

Pay attention : canadian citizen must pay an entry taxe of 95 USD arriving in Cartagene (this taxe will be canceled the 1st of may 2019)


We offer 3 meals a day, Coffee, tea, water and some ice tea are also available free of charge. Our food is all prepared using fresh ingredients and there is always plenty of it. Breakfast, lunch and dinner is served each day. When available we buy fresh fish, lobster and octopus from the local Kuna fisherman. The menu varies daily.

  • Breakfast is a variety of pancakes, scrambled eggs, granola, toast, coffee, tea and fresh fruits.
  • Lunches can be anything from chicken curry with jasmine rice, beef tacos, spagetti bolognese or ham and cheese toasties. In general we use a lot fruits and vegetables for all the meals and serve meat minimum once a day.
  • For dinner in San Blas we prepare bbq lobster on the beach with potatos and salad, or on the boat enjoy tuna and tomato pasta, pizza or fresh fish with cous cous.

It depends on the weather but we try to cook a bbq two nights on the beach (its not so easy to make a good fire with only coconuts ;-)) Our goal is to eat a variety of good a healthy meals. Most customers tell us its the best food they have had since travelling !
Let us know if you have some special dietry requirements and we will prepare some tasty alternatives for you.

What to bring

- Snacks if you are a snacker
- Bring along enough alcohol and mixers to boogie under the stars
- Camera because you will want to capture this adventure (you can charge your phones and cameras on board)
- Towel
- Some optional clothing (it doesn´t get cold and you can wear your bikini all day long)
- Make sure you bring the extra 45 US dollars for taxes and transport
- There are no atms in San Blas! So it´s a good idea to bring some extra cash to buy more drinks or  souvenirs (we recommend 100 USD extra).
- Bring your music please! We have a big speaker and everybody is dj so get some tunes ready  before you come on the boat!
- If you have some funny games or other crazy stuff, bring everything!
-Bring enough sunblock and seasickness pills if you would like to take them.

What NOT to bring

- Drugs. Any kind of illegal substances or anything considered drug material is prohibited on the boat. No matter if you start from Cartagena or Panama, there are Police Checkpoints with dogs waiting for you so make sure you are clean.

You should book weeks in advance,

the boat is extremely popular and fills up fast.

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